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House of Hydroponics started in 2009 with Carl in San Dimas, California. Carl has impressed the local community by growing thousands of healthy plants. He is an expert when it comes to growing your favorite fruits, vegetables, micro greens, and wheat grass. Cannabis Carl is also best known for his high quality marijuana using the most affordable, effective, yet efficient methods. Carl is able to use tower gardens and many other methods to growing plants. He has been kind and fortunate enough  to share the knowledge attained at his shop throughout the years to his customers.

The How to grow show

Grow your own pot and grow your own food! Carl can not stress this enough. Growing marijuana is not complicated. Like food, the marijuana industry is mass producing products that are not necessary and compromising quality and the health of consumers. Just grow your own, we will show you how on our original YouTube series The How To Grow Show.


Kannabis Karaoke

Every third of the month, we search for people who love music, marijuana, and want to perform on our stage. Come join the movement, meet new people, and win awesome prizes.

cannabis consulting

Growing marijuana does not have to be difficult. Let us show you an easy and affordable way with our method. Click below for more information and pricing.

Six Plant Success

The Six Plant Success method is tailored for growers who are looking to cultivate pure and top shelf cannabis, affordably. Cannabis Carl is committed to helping you achieve the same level of success. He is pleased to welcome you to the future of growing right now.